Is Block Blitz safe for pets? You need to keep pets off the area while your paving is wet, once dry it is safe for pets to walk on again. If your pets were to come into contact with Block Blitz simply wash off effected area with cold water.

What surfaces can I use Block Blitz on? Block Blitz is designed for block paving but can also be used on concrete, paths and patios. On natural stone we recommend you test a small area first to rule out any discolouration issues.

How do I use it? Fill a 10litre watering can with cold water, empty in one pouch, stir, leave for about 30 seconds and then stir again until dissolved. Start at the highest point of your paving to control the run off ensuring a good even coverage. Once finished, walk away, job done!

Do I need a dry day? Block Blitz needs to be applied to dry paving with a clear forecast for around 24 hours.

Will it leave any residue? Block Blitz may leave a white residue after a treatment has dried, this is very common and depends upon the moisture content of treated paving and the air temperature at the time of application. The residue will gradually disappear with subsequent rainfall. Do not try and remove the residue with tap water.

Will it cause any damage to my grass/plants in borders around paving? Excessive run off can cause some localised damage to the area but it doesn’t work like a weed killer.

Can I use Block Blitz on new paving? Yes, Block Blitz will work as a preventative and keep your paving looking like new. Same for freshly jet washed paving, put it on now and apply twice a year and you will never need to jet wash again.

How often to apply? We recommend applying every 5-6 months. In the case of really bad paving, you need to treat on day one and then retreat 4 weeks later and then start with the 5-6 monthly cycle.

How far will one pouch treat? One pouch treats 15 sqm which is approximately 1 and a half parking spaces.

Is Block Blitz harmful to the environment? Block Blitz isn’t toxic towards the environment.

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