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Block Blitz at BBC Gardeners World 2019

The Block Blitz team enjoyed 4 really busy days when they recently exhibited at BBC Gardeners World Exhibition at the NEC, we always love meeting customers old and new and showcasing our range of paving treatments

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Block Blitz Award Winners at Glee 2018

The Block Blitz team were at Glee Trade Exhibition September 2018, Scooping an award for our Big Blitz jumbo pan and brush! We enjoyed a busy few days and met lots of new and existing customers!

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Cleaning Gravel with Block Blitz

Gravel drives and areas of decorative aggregate can be easily and quickly cleaned and maintained by simply applying Block Blitz gravel treatment twice a year. Simply water the solution onto the required surfaces and watch the magic work. Block Blitz decorative aggregate treatment will not only clean every individual piece of gravel but also breakdown any organic debris within the paving structure, thus removing the environment in which weeds thrive. The paving solution will also have the added effect of stabilising the paving sub structure reducing gravel surface movement.

Block Blitz gravel treatment is the UK’s first gravel specific cleaning and maintenance product. It is a unique blend of mineral and plant extracts, which are biodegradable and environmentally friendly. No physical or mechanical action is required to make the product clean the paved surface.

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Decorative Aggregates

The trend over the last few years for using decorative aggregates for outdoor landscaping has increased massively. Whereas a couple of decades ago the only option for consumers, was to purchase various grades of gravel to use on their paths and driveways. The type of gravel available was generally small in size and sourced in the UK. The three main types where rounded pea gravel, split flint gravel and variants of limestone. The main use for these types of gravel where in the construction industry. However, the trend for using decorative style aggregates has exploded in the past decade. Home owners are choosing to replace large areas of their paved outside surfaces with these new style gravel products.
The list of new aggregates available is extensive. Green granite, red granite, dolomite spar, Cotswold chippings, grey limestone, white gravel, slate chippings and the list goes on. There are also larger type cobble decorative aggregates on the market too.

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Gravel Driveway Cleaning

How do you clean a gravel driveway? Realistically there is nothing much you can do. You could try to pressure wash it, but this would create an awful mess and could disturb the paving substructure. You could try and scrub each individual piece of aggregate, but this could take a long time!! The only real action you can take is to spray weed killer on the weeds and give it an occasional rake to level the gravel. The weed killer will kill the weeds and maybe keep them away for about three months. Raking the aggregate will level it out and improve its appearance for a while. However, the dirt and grime will still be on the surface and in grained within the individual pieces of gravel. The weeds may have died, but organic debris will have built up between and underneath the driveway surface. Here is the major problem. There is no real way of removing this build up of organic matter and dirt/soil deposits. These deposits will then provide an environment for future weed and moss growth, and the cycle continues.

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Cleaning Block paving with Block Blitz

Block blitz is a unique powder based paving detergent, based on a powerful mineral and plant based formula. Designed and manufactured in the UK. It is a low cost, user friendly and an extremely efficient way of cleaning and protecting block paving. It is easy to apply with 10 litre watering can and requires no measuring before mixing. Use Block blitz twice a year, and you will never have to scrub, pressure wash or seal block paving ever again. The occasionally use of a weed killer may be required for some spot weed treatment. However, the more Block blitz is used, the less weed growth will occur.

Block blitz can be used at any point during a paved surface lifetime. Whether the paving has just been laid or has been down for 15 years. Whether it has just been jet washed or has not been cleaned for 15 years.

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Spray and leave patio cleaners

Spray and leave patio come in two types. The first are disinfectant based, the second are acid based. Both accentually work by killing organic matter on the paving surface. Organic matter or the green stuff will die off, turn brown and slowly disappear over time giving the impression the paving is being cleaned. However, depending on the porosity of paving the majority off ingrained dirt and grime will stay in place. The disinfectant based cleaners are biocides and classed as toxic towards the environment, so care must be taken around plants, animals and natural water features like ponds and streams etc. The natural acid paving cleaners are vinegar based and work in the same way as the biocides by killing the organic green matter on paved surfaces. All concretes and most natural stones are alkaline in structure, so repeatedly applying acid will attack and corrode the surface of the paving slabs and concrete block pavers, thus slowly damaging them.

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Pressure Washing Block Paving

You will often hear the only way to clean block paving and achieve good results, is to use a jet or pressure washer. So, is this method of paving cleaning really the best option? Different models of pressure washers will have various power and water outputs. It is best to hold the washer at 45 degrees to paved surface to minimise damage to paving surface and block paving joints. Keep the jet washer at a reasonable height above the blocks. However careful you are a certain amount of paving sand will be removed from the joints, if not all. At the end of the cleaning process this jointing material must be replaced as it has an important role in protecting the paved structure. It is also important not to remove completely all the kiln dried sand, as excess water can penetrate the substructure of the block paving and cause movement and subsidence issues. By using block blitz these issues can be avoided.

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Cleaning Block Paving traditional Method

Block paving is well known for being one of the toughest paving surfaces to keep in good condition. Standard methods to clean block paving involve lots of time and effort. Firstly, deal with the weeds and moss in paving joints. Paving joints are filled with kiln dried paving sand. Over time the kiln dried paving sand gets contaminated with sediment, soil and organic growth. To clean joints out, remove large weeds by hand, then scrape paving joints with a block paving joint brush or some sort of joint clearing tool. Sweep the paving with a stiff brush and collect debris with a large pan and brush. Now mix some household detergent or washing up liquid with warm water and pour over driveway or paved area. Scrub hard with a stiff brush until paving becomes clean. Repeat process until block paving becomes clean. Rinse paving with clean cold water from a hose pipe or watering can. When dry, brush new paving sand into any eroded surface joints. This back breaking, time consuming work has and still is carried out by millions of people around the world until they discover the power of block blitz.

Hassle-free paving treatments with low environmental impact Block Blitz

Grubby paving is the scourge of the garden, with seemingly no amount of scrubbing and sweating able to return the paving back to its original state. Thankfully, Block Blitz – an award-winning, biodegradable paving treatment – has been specifically designed to restore paving to its former glory, with no need for effortful scrubbing, jet washing or sealing required!

Using SOFT WASH TECHNOLOGY ™ to lift dirt and grime, Block Blitz can be simply mixed with water, applied to the surface and left to wash away naturally. Benefitting from a mineral and plant-based formula, Block Blitz is the only paving treatment on the market to offer a unique non-toxic solution to cleaning paving. Incorporating a unique barrier detergent, Block Blitz goes on to repel dirt following initial application, as well as deterring algae, moss and weed growth. Block Blitz is the only paving treatment to incorporate UV protection and can be used all year round, not just in spring and summer.

Block Blitz is ideal for anyone looking to save time or energy whilst ensuring the upkeep of their paving. The simple, hassle-free application process makes Block Blitz particularly useful for busy home dwellers”.

Alongside the original block paving solution, 2018 sees the launch of Block Blitz Gravel Treatment. Benefitting from a similar unique formula, Block Blitz Gravel Treatment offers an effortless solution to cleaning gravel drives and decorative borders, protecting the surface from future weed and moss growth with its easy to use, two-in-one formula.

With an RRP of £3.49 per pouch, Block Blitz is available to buy from garden centres nationwide, as well as directly from the Block Blitz website.

For further information and to find your nearest stockist or to make a purchase, visit www.blockblitz.co.uk. Block Blitz can also be found on Twitter and Facebook at @BlockBlitz where you can join the conversation and show off your own patio and driveway transformations using the hash tag #ShowItSomeLove.

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